Gemini female dating a gemini male

Gemini and Libra Love, Sexual and Marriage Compatibility 2016

Both of them hurt me to my heart and I made them pay.

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Personally I dont know what you want with him if he doesnt have car. And I actually saw him a year ago while hanging with a mutual friend who brought him along even though this friend knew I didnt want to be around this guy and I treated him with such despise, but it did not deter him and it made me grow even colder.

<strong><strong>Gemini</strong></strong> and Libra Love, Sexual and Marriage Compatibility 2016

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They are the life of the party every where they go and dont have a problem attracting females. I then suggested I drop it at his concierge cause I was leaving for LA this week! Ouch..anyway I took out the b guns and I said that I would like to take the edge off before I leave wink! Six months ago I made him promise to never me again because of his selfish ways(long story) and he cried on the phone.

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They need freedom and are usually not consistent when it comes to contact. A good nht sleep always provides me with a different perspective! I have quite a few colleagues out there and plan to have a ball! Anyway..exchanged a few texts with me stating I want to give him his things and him trying to desperately avoid seeing me (I am his Krptonite).anyway he asked if I could wait till next week or he could mail.that was ok. I am close to one of the Geminis cousins (whom he is very close with) and she told me everytime she sees him he talks about me to this day (we met and were together as teenagers 20 years ago but have only been in contact for the past 3 years as friends).

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